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The mission of Range Regional Animal Rescue is to provide the highest quality of service and care to ensure that animals are guaranteed permanent placement.  It is also the mission of the Range Regional Animal Rescue to provide education, information, and outreach in an effort to reduce and ultimately prevent neglect, abuse, and over-population in the communities in which we serve.

To see the animals RRAR has for adoption, check out our Adopt-A-Pet & Petfinder pages here:

Kaylee and her dogs posing for Santa Paws!

Welcome To Range Regional Animal Rescue!


   Adult Dogs: $50-$350 + Tax

   Puppies: $350 + Tax

   Purebreds: $100-$500 + Tax

   Adult Cats: $25-$125 + Tax

   Kittens: $125 + Tax

   ~Pet carriers are required for all cat/kitten adoptions,  otherwise a pet box will be provided for $5.00 + Tax.~

   ~Price Includes~



   Rabies Vaccine (1 year)

   DA2PP/FVRCP Vaccine

   Bordetella Vaccine

   24PetWatch Microchip

Detective Noojii on the case!

~RRAR Spring Cleaning Rummage Sale!~

Thursday, May 18th-Sunday May 21st. ~ 9AM-5PM Each Day.

Support RRAR by shopping at the community donated Rummage Sale! No prices will be set for items (Some larger items excluded). Donate what you think is a fair price.

Takes place at Range Rescue.

*11215 Hwy 37

Hibbing, MN 55746*

Scooby-Doo Ring Toss!
The Chihuahua trio and their big sister Bella!



Dr. Zena ready for operation!
RoAd WoRk AhEaD!?
Cat of the week
Dog of the week

Hi! My name is Spring. I’m a pit mix, 1.5 years old (Born: December 2021), 45 lbs, & I have a fawn/white coloring.

Similar to my name, I’ve definitely got springs in my feet! I’m always runnin’ & jumpin’ around like crazy! I’m a hyper girl who’s more on the high-strung side. I’m not used to being kenneled, so I’m pretty anxious around here, but I’ve adjusted pretty well all things considered. I’m still new, after all.

I’m an absolute sweet & loving girl once I get comfortable around you! I won’t lie though, I have my issues. I’m aggressive towards other dogs & cats, I’m scared of most strangers I meet, & like I said, I’m just an anxious & high-strung girl! I definitely will need to go to a home with a patient owner who’s willing to put a lot of work into handling a crazy girl like me, & keep up with it.

Sure, I may not be a perfect dog right off the bat, but if you’re willing to give a shot to a little girl who’s had a tough time finding the right place & want to help make her life better, I’m well worth the effort!

I’m up to date on shots, spayed, chipped, & ready to go! If you’re looking to put a Spring in your step, & every step you’ll ever take after, come check me out sometime!


Hi! My name if Fr-*Cough* Whew! Sorry, had a frog in my throat there, which is ironic, right? You’d think it’d be more of a “Me’s got my tongue.” Sorta thing. Anyway, I digress.

Let’s try that again, shall we? My name’s Froggy! I’m a domestic shorthair, 10 months old, 7 lbs, & I have a tabby coloring.

I’m an affectionate little girl who’s always up for some lovin’! I’m not super out there either way personality-wise. Not too crazy, not too boring, a little Goldilocks Just-Right kinda girl. I’m pretty social with all people, I haven’t been too opposed to other animals around, & I’m just a good cat! Simple as that. Shouldn’t be too tough to find a home for me!

I’ll still need to be spayed before I can leave. If you’re looking for a girl who will hop right into your life & make it infinitely better, come pay me a visit sometime! 💚



What To Do If You've Found/Lost A Stray Animal

   ~Finding A Stray

     ---If you happen upon a stray animal in the wild, the first thing to remember is to not approach it too quickly. You'll want to call the local animal control officer (ACO) in your city, county, etc. and inform them of the situation. Let them know where you are located, what kind of animal you have found, and answer any questions they may have. If you don't have an ACO in your area, contact your local Non-Emergency Police line and follow the same steps mentioned above. Otherwise, if you wish to do so, and have the means to do it (live trap, leash & food, etc.), you may try to catch the animal yourself and bring it to your local animal shelter. Never try to capture an animal that is aggressive! ACOs and local law enforcement have tools that assist them in capturing dangerous animals. There's also several pages on sites like Facebook that are dedicated to helping find lost animals in several states and counties all over the country, so even getting just a picture, or description, and uploading it to the appropriate page can possibly help the owner find it as well.

     ---Companies like HomeAgain and 24PetWatch are dedicated to finding the homes of lost pets. Bringing a stray animal to a vet, police station, or shelter, it takes just a few seconds to scan them for a chip. If they have one, the animal will be in the files of the company the chip is registered under, and can return home to their rightful owner! A microchip doesn't harm a dog. It's the same as getting a shot from the doctor, and the chip is no larger than a single grain of rice.

   ~Losing An Animal

     ---If you have lost your pet, the first thing to do is call any nearby animal shelters and report that it has gone missing. Most shelters will ask for your basic information, such as name, address, and phone number, and ask for a description of the animal. The more information you can give them, the better. Tell them the name, sex, age, breed, color, any unique/distinguishing physical traits, if they have some sort of collar, if they have been fixed, and if they have a microchip. They will then add the animal to a lost pets list, and contact you if the animal is brought to their shelter.

     ---Another option is to check social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites have dedicated pages to help people find their animals that have gone astray. There are several pages for states, counties, and cities all over the country. Chances are you'll find one for your area!

     ---Always remember to get your pets spayed/neutered. As this will reduce their urge to roam and wander away from home. Microchipping your pets is also a very useful tool. They will not harm your pet, and the companies that make these chips are always working to help animals find their way home.

Little Sasha-Bean is a cheerleader on St. Patrick's Day!
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