The mission of Range Regional Animal Rescue is to provide the highest quality of service and care to ensure that animals are guaranteed permanent placement.  It is also the mission of the Range Regional Animal Rescue to provide education, information, and outreach in an effort to reduce and ultimately prevent neglect, abuse, and over-population in the communities in which we serve.

To see the animals RRAR has for adoption, check out our Adopt-A-Pet & Petfinder pages here:


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Kaylee and her babies posing for Santa Paws!

Welcome To Range Regional Animal Rescue!


   Adult Dogs: $50-$350

   Puppies: $350

   Purebreds: $100-$500

   Adult Cats: $25-$125

   Kittens: $125

   ~Pet carriers are required for all cat/kitten adoptions,  otherwise a pet box will be provided for $5.00~

   ~Price Includes~



   Rabies Vaccine (1 year)

   DA2PP/FVRCP Vaccine

   Bordetella Vaccine

   24PetWatch Microchip

Detective Noojii on the case!

*RRAR has no upcoming events at this time.

Scooby-Doo Ring Toss!
The Chihuahua trio and their big sister Bella!



Dr. Zena ready for operation!
RoAd WoRk AhEaD!?
Cat of the week

   Hi! My name is Shelby. I'm a domestic longhair, roughly 2.5 years old, 7 lbs, & I have an all orange coloring.

   I came in with my sister, Heidi. Well, not my LITERAL sister, but close enough! We're thick as thieves! We both had quite a few fleas on us, & I took it harder than she did. She's been pretty strong this whole time, but I was definitely a bit thin & weak when we first showed up. I'm doing a whole lot better now, though!

   I'm a SUPER social girl! I'm always up for saying hello to anyone & everyone that comes by. Heidi is pretty much the exact opposite, but I'm helping her come out of her shell! We don't necessarily HAVE to go to a home together, but it would definitely help her be a bit more friendly & open with people if I'm around. She's kind of a loner otherwise. I could adjust to just about any kind of home easily enough myself, though. Just gotta find that right fit!

   I'm up to date on shots, spayed, chipped, & ready to go! If you're looking for a new girl or two to add to the mix around the house, come check me out sometime!

Dog of the week

   Hi! My name is Lucy. I'm a mixed breed, 2 years old (Born: September 2020), 59 lbs, & I have a tan/white coloring.

   I'm a shy girl that definitely isn't the best with strangers. If you're someone I feel I can trust, I'm one of the most loving, affectionate, cuddly dogs you'll ever meet! If I'm scared of you though, I've got some fear-based reactivity/aggression issues that I really use to keep myself feeling safe. I was originally found abandoned in a box at some old gas station with my littermates back in the day when I was just a baby at a few weeks old. We were all skinny, covered in fleas, etc. That could be part of my issue as well. I wasn't with my mom for long enough. That kinda stuff has a bigger effect on us in our adult lives than you might think!

   I've lived with other dogs & cats both. Most of the time it was good. We had our days that weren't so great too, but for the most part it was okay. I'm not a bad girl, though! I'll just need an owner who's willing to help me through my fears & bad behaviors. It's not gonna be easy, I won't lie, but it'll be well worth the effort! If you're just a single person or couple looking for a companion, not a lot of action/commotion, not a lot of new people around so I feel the need to protect the house, stuff like that, then we might be a good fit!

   I'm up to date on shots, spayed, chipped, & ready to go! If you're looking fort a girl who's gonna be a bit of a challenge, but deserves another shot at a true home, come check me out sometime!


What To Do If You've Found/Lost A Stray Animal

   ~Finding A Stray

     ---If you happen upon a stray animal in the wild, the first thing to remember is to not approach it too quickly. You'll want to call the local animal control officer (ACO) in your city, county, etc. and inform them of the situation. Let them know where you are located, what kind of animal you have found, and answer any questions they may have. If you don't have an ACO in your area, contact your local Non-Emergency Police line and follow the same steps mentioned above. Otherwise, if you wish to do so, and have the means to do it (live trap, leash & food, etc.), you may try to catch the animal yourself and bring it to your local animal shelter. Never try to capture an animal that is severely aggressive! ACOs and local law enforcement have tools that assist them in capturing dangerous animals. There's also several pages on sites like Facebook and Twitter that are dedicated to helping find lost animals in several states and counties all over the country, so even getting just a picture, or description, and uploading it to the appropriate page can possibly help the owner find it as well.

     ---Companies like HomeAgain and 24PetWatch are dedicated to finding the homes of lost pets. Bringing a stray animal to a vet, police station, or shelter, it takes just a few seconds to scan them for a chip. If they have one, the animal will be in the files of the company the chip is registered under, and can return home to their rightful owner! A microchip doesn't harm a dog. It's the same as getting a shot from the doctor, and the chip is no larger than a single grain of rice.

   ~Losing An Animal

     ---If you have lost your pet, the first thing to do is call any nearby animal shelters and report that it has gone missing. Most shelters will ask for your basic information, such as name, address, and phone number, and ask for a description of the animal. The more information you can give them, the better. Tell them the name, sex, age, breed, color, any unique/distinguishing physical traits, if they have some sort of collar, if they have been fixed, and if they have a microchip. They will then add the animal to a lost pets list, and contact you if the animal is brought to their shelter.

     ---Another option is to check social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites have dedicated pages to help people find their animals that have gone astray. There are several pages for states, counties, and cities all over the country. Chances are you'll find one for your area!

     ---Always remember to get your pets spayed/neutered. As this will reduce their urge to roam and wander away from home. Microchipping your pets is also a very useful tool. They will not harm your pet, and the companies that make these chips are always working to help animals find their way home.

Little Sasha-Bean is a cheerleader on St. Patrick's Day!